View of the entrances and terraces of HOPEN Tower

Hope for

HOPEN is the reflection of a united city and a more sustainable business district. Beyond its technical and functional qualities, HOPEN is fully committed to a movement responding to the aspirations of society and its citizens, who are demanding ethical and sustainable initiatives that give back to the community.

One office tower,
many uses

HOPEN also features amenities that free up your day. HOPEN’s spaces are designed to fit all working situations : personal work, small and large meetings or informal chats, meeting the changing needs of companies and employees

HOPEN is 65,000 m2 of multi-use spaces:

•   58,000 m² of workspaces
•   2,350 m² of reversible spaces
•   35 meeting rooms

•   17 1,100 m² office levels
•   20 1,500 m² office levels

•   Over 10% of space dedicated to amenities
•   1,400 m² of space for charities, culture, and leisure
•   2,500 covers per day

•   1,900 m² of outdoor space
•   23 vertical gardens
•   2 large terraces for tenant companies

•   240 bike / scooter spaces
•   608 car parking spaces, including 120 electric

A welcoming

The large ground floor, open to employees and the general public, makes HOPEN a destination in itself, featuring restaurants, shops, amenities and culture.

HOPEN’s flagship feature sits atop the Tower at 150 meters: a horizon-busting restaurant open to the general public that offers unparalleled views of Paris La Défense and western Paris.

An exemplary

By breathing new life into an iconic Tower in Paris La Défense, HOPEN proves that it’s possible to reinvent the city over the existing one, and to reimagine without destroying.

HOPEN is an ethical Tower right from its design stage, that fully supports the health and wellness of its workers. HOPEN also promotes eco-friendly actions, day in, day out.

•  HQE and BREEAM Excellent Certifications
•   Waste minimisation
•   Sustainable waste processing
•   Zero Plastic Tower
•  Well, WiredScore Gold, Well HSR, Ready to Osmoz et Ready2services Certifications
•   First Tower to set up  a service manager to provide new, innovative and socially responsible services to transform the Tower’s commitments into lasting impact

A tower where
shared causes
can flourish

The Tower is all about helping everyone to take action, through small and larger actions.

The cycling and sustainable transport store offers a sports resource centre, providing second-hand and reconditioned sports equipment at reasonable prices

Charitable rounding-up is available on all payment channels and for each business and service.

Finally, HOPEN is home to national and local charities. This setting is the only one of its kind in Paris La Défense. It raises awareness and provides information for visitors and employees who wish to engage in one-off and regular charitable initiatives.

View from the 26th-floor terrace of HOPEN Tower

Openness to
its environment

HOPEN is a multi-use Tower for all types of users: employees and residents alike. During and outside of office hours, HOPEN contributes to the wider community by participating in numerous initiatives to help local actors, such as traders, producers, cultural actors, charities, and neighbors.

Supporting the
local economy
and culture

•    By de-compartmentalising the lower ground floor, the Tower reconnects the paved area of Paris La Défense to the neighbourhoods of Courbevoie surrounding it, turning it into a new destination for local residents.
•    The roof terrace, which is also open to the general public, brings the building to life throughout the day, both during the week and on weekends, making the Tower a leading cultural player in Paris La Défense.
•    In choosing partnerships, HOPEN is also committed to promoting the local economy and employment, and sourcing products locally.
•    HOPEN’s commitment to the local community also involves culture: the lower level of the ground floor is also a place for cultural expression, hosting artistic and charitable events.

Embodying a
present and

With this renewed identity, HOPEN is fully integrated into Paris La Défense’s goal to become the first post-carbon business district. 

•   Respecting the environment is the central focus for Ateliers 2/3/4 architects as they redesign the building through carefully chosen methods, economy of means, material reuse, and efficient and controlled consumption within the framework of future operations.
•   The Tower’s specifications set clear environmental performance objectives: reuse of bio-waste for the green areas of the Tower, the recovery of used cooking oils, the distribution of unsold goods to charities, and reusable and returnable food utensils.
• Thanks to dedicated parking areas for bicycles and scooters, lockers for users’ helmets, and a dedicated shop, HOPEN is supporting the ever-growing number of commuters who are looking for different ways of getting around.

Nighttime view of the restaurant located on the same level as the HOPEN Tower rooftop

Openness to

A mixed space by its very essence, the diversity of offerings and the plurality of its users make for the richness of HOPEN. Whether they are shops, artists, people from the non-profit sector, employees of CAC 40 companies, SMEs, or start-ups, everyone can work here, meet here, and find one another.

open to the
general public

On the lower ground floor, HOPEN combines culinary and cultural pleasures with the discovery of small shops. Two food court, a café and an Italian trattoria serve products from all over the world. All kinds of tastes and schedules are satisfied here, notably via a click & collect service for takeaway meals. Artistic works, cultural activities, and charitable initiatives coexist among the food courts, creating a friendly and lively atmosphere. A small market complements this street-style atmosphere. Product transparency and traceability are the standard here, with bulk and fresh options from organic and local producers.

Your third space
at the summit,

On the top floor, the HOPEN rooftop terrace, with its lively restaurant, is an exceptional destination overlooking the Parisian skyline.

With over 110 seats indoors and over 80 seats outdoors, the gastropub with a softly atmosphere is as pleasant during the day as it is in the evenings or on weekends

View from the reception hall of HOPEN Tower, upper ground floor

Hope for
new horizons

The HOPEN Tower meets the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s workers: a workplace with multiple functions and uses, designed so anyone can collaborate better, recharge your batteries and make the very most of every day.

Offices combining
shared and
individual uses

Working every day at the office is no longer the norm, and it’s essential to be able to meet and spend time together. To facilitate meetings and stimulate creativity, HOPEN’s spaces are designed to fit all working situations: private offices with windows that open on each floor, small and large meeting rooms that can be reserved through the building’s app for large presentations, seminars and trainings, and shared open spaces, shared tables, private alcoves, tea stations and sofas on every floor for friendly chats, as well as private restaurants and cafés on the ground floor and on the 23rd floor for informal meetings.


Because every square metre counts in the city, the possibilities for using HOPEN’s spaces have been maximised. Based on their wishes and needs, every worker is free to leave their usual workstation and take advantage of the spaces shared with the general public: the dining areas, the auditorium, the meeting centre and the outdoor spaces can be turned into alternative workspaces as required.

Take some time
out for yourself
and recharge
your batteries

On every floor, large windows provide unobstructed views of Paris La Défense and Greater Paris. Its high ceilings allow natural light to defuse throughout the building. Featuring biophilic design, the interior lighting adapts to variations in natural light based on the time of day and the seasons.

To relax and get a breath of fresh air, a wellness space has been installed on the 23rd floor, with breath-taking views of Paris La Défense. A massage therapy area, a beauty bar, and a barber/hairdresser complete this space. Its design is inspired by the movements of water to create a serene and soothing atmosphere.

In addition to the food courts, café and rooftop terrace, tenant company employees can enjoy lunch at two large restaurants located on the 23rd floor and in the centre of the upper ground floor lobby. They provide daily table service.

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