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  • 6 km of sustainable transport
    29 public transport lines nearby
    15 min from the historic centre of Paris

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HOPEN is a multi-use Tower for all types of users: employees and residents alike. During and outside of office hours, HOPEN contributes to the wider community by participating in numerous initiatives to help local actors, such as traders, producers, cultural actors, charities and neighbors.

Supporting the
local economy
and culture

• By de-compartmentalising the lower ground floor, the Tower reconnects the paved area of Paris La Défense to the neighbourhoods of Courbevoie surrounding it, turning it into a new destination for local residents.
• The roof terrace, which is also open to the general public, brings the building to life throughout the day, both during the week and on weekends, making the Tower a leading cultural player in Paris La Défense
• In choosing partnerships, HOPEN is also committed to promoting the local economy and employment, and sourcing products locally.

Embodying a
present and future

Woman repairing her bicycle

With this renewed identity, HOPEN is fully integrated into Paris La Défense’s goal to become the first post-carbon business district.

• Respecting the environment is the central focus for Ateliers 2/3/4 architects as they redesign the building through carefully chosen methods, economy of means, and material reuse.
• The Tower’s specifications set clear environmental performance objectives: reuse of bio-waste for the green areas of the Tower, the recovery of used cooking oils, the distribution of unsold goods to charities, and reusable and returnable food utensils.

• Thanks to dedicated parking areas for bicycles and scooters, lockers for users’ helmets, and a dedicated shop, HOPEN is supporting the ever-growing number of commuters who are looking for different ways of getting around.

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